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Balayage – Highlighting Hair Color for Nature’s Summer Sparkle

In Summer our minds change to brighter, more glamorous, and shinier hairstyles that not only look drenched but look natural. Finding the right balance to achieve that lovely summer glow is a challenge and avoids over-emphasizing. 

Leaves have their own peculiarities but can lead to excessive evenness and wigs or brass, which can be frustrating at times. One of the best salon owners recommends an alternative technique called balayage, which allows stylists to be more flexible and creative through strategic color placement. You can get gorgeous balayage via for your hair.

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We all know that styles and fashions change with time and seasons. What worked yesterday in clothing and accessories can be transformed into a whole new look with fresh live creations by innovative artists in the industry. 

In the world of hairstyles, there is an equivalent fashion trend for hair. Accentuation is one of the most popular hair color trends to use foil to create a bright look. 

But modern, skilled, and creative hairdressers and hair dyes are adapting increasingly sophisticated processes to achieve the shiny strands we desire to mimic nature.

Balayage means "sweep" in French. The process originated in Paris and has to do with the way hand-colored hair is dyed. It is applied in a swinging motion, is sparing at the roots and heavier at the edges, and takes less time than a full foil head. 

This method creates lovely sun sparkles in different colors that look like you've been playing on the beach all summer.