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Brands Already Leveraging The Power Of Augmented Reality

For many marketing teams and CMOs, AR may not be on the list of the latest technologies that will be applied in the marketing mix. The fact is, brands, executives and future marketing teams are already using AR in a variety of ways to reach consumers in new, innovative, and increasingly exciting ways. Are you still thinking about how is Augmented Reality marketing beneficial to your business? then read the article.

Whether it's AR glasses, headphones or smartphone functionality – here are some brands that are already using the power of AR to enhance their brand image and take their target group to a whole new level.


Furniture buyers may love bedside tables or sofas in showrooms, but often wonder how it will fit into their existing living room. To resolve this obstacle for customers, low-cost fittings retailer IKEA launched its Augmented Reality app, which allows e-commerce shoppers to visualize the appearance of items in their homes while shopping online. This use of AR has made the shopper journey easier for IKEA customers, as they can easily go from browsing to buying in just a few simple steps.

2. Lacoste

At a Lacoste retail store, customers enter certain areas of AR graphics and view them on their smartphones. The app adjusts the shoe size to show what it looks like to the user and to show additional useful product details. Lacoste's AR app not only enriches the shopping experience, it also eases the shop staff.

3. It's hard

Long-established European food and retail brand Tesco is using AR to modernize its brands and reach younger users through a different partnership with Disney. Tesco has developed its own Tesco AR Discover app which brings to life the Disney Frozen products sold at the Tesco store.