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Forklift Tyres: The Crucial Test To Stay Safe

Your forklift’s tyres do a lot more than help your truck move around the warehouse and are absolutely necessary to keep your operation stable and safe. But how do you know when a tyre becomes dangerous? And how can you stay safe for longer?

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Here are some tips to help

Choose the right tyre for the job

There are three types of tyres. Pneumatic tyres suit high speeds over distances, but can be vulnerable to punctures; press-on solid tyres are for smooth surfaces only and resilient tyres are a hybrid of the two. If you’re in any doubt at all, ask your forklift dealer for advice on the best tyres for your truck and workplace.

Cat GP40N-GP55N Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tire Lift Truck - Wisconsin Lift Truck

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Quality affects performance, wear and safety

Quality tyres make a big difference not only to safety but also to productivity. A good investment for forklift operators where higher throughput means higher profit.

Also, tyres with cheaper compounds wear more quickly. As a result, trucks can be running dangerously. Remember: quality is about more than just the tyre itself.

Check your tyres before every shift

As obvious as it sounds, simply checking your tyres’ condition, damage and wear can improve safety, cut costs, and make your trucks more productive.

If the tyres are fine, you can use them longer and save money – and when the tyres become unsafe, you can prevent damaging goods and the risk of a serious injury to your team.