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Furnace Repair: Signs That Your Furnace Needs Attention

Most owners think of a broken furnace that stops working, but that's not always the case. In addition to mechanical failure, there are also subtle signs that repair will be needed in the future, the unit is actually broken, but it still seems to be working.

 If your heating system shows one or more of the following indications, you should consider as an indicator that may need repair, and schedule an appointment with an HVAC technician as soon as possible:

The unit makes strange noises

No oven it is completely silent. If unusual bumps listening, whining or moaning noises emanating from your heating system, can be a sign that you have difficulty ignition, it has a loose belt or has a worn part that will soon break. You can opt for Whitby furnace repair solutions to keep your furnace well maintained.

If the noises are caused by something else, you may have to call Ghostbusters instead of an HVAC company.

You need to set your thermostat higher than Normal

When a household stops heating, the answer for most homeowners is to raise the thermostat setting. As the problem worsens, however, even the highest setting can help supply heat.

Before your home reaches this point, have a technician repair the oven an inspection. The problem may be a faulty thermostat, a problem with an intermittent pilot ignition system, or even leaky ducts.

Your energy bills are too high

If your electric bills are high this winter, it may be because your air distribution fan will not start, or because the setting of the thermostat is raised to compensate for the lack of heat.

It could also be that their furnaces performed inefficiently due to a clogged air filter or leaky ducts. Instead of paying a utility bill that matches your mortgage payment, call a repair technician instead.