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Get Fans Talking With Facebook Messenger Bot

A new way to interact with your Facebook fans is a Facebook Messenger Bot. The Messenger Bot is a new method of communication that Facebook wants you to use. It works by sending messages to your fan pages, giving fans a way to interact with you without the inconvenience of meeting in person.

What makes Facebook Messenger Bot special is that it allows people to simply tap a button on their Facebook app and send messages to you. How is this different from what you can do with a friend request? It's not. You still need to post the message to be effective.

But the real advantage to messaging a person directly is that the results are immediate. The system will direct your message to your fan page to get instant responses that are both personal and meaningful.

If you want to see how the Messenger Bot works, check out the video I created. There is more than one way to tell a story. In this video, I give three basic steps. Follow these basic steps and you should be successful in getting your messages across in no time.

First, when someone posts a message for you to respond to, respond instantly. Post a message on Facebook that says "Hey, this is John Doe. Do you want to play?" Then respond with the following two messages:

Hey John! I'm John Doe and I love playing games online. Are you interested in having a game with me?

Second, wait a few minutes before responding to your fan requests with a friend request. By doing this, you'll make sure that your message gets seen and read.

Remember to check your status to see what people are saying about you on Facebook. Posting your status on Facebook will also allow you to see what the fans are saying about you. This lets you decide if you want to reply or not.

Once you get a response from your fan, follow up right away with another message. But don't forget to mention that you're thinking about them in your response. It might help to give them a link to your fan page.

Turn your fan page into a discussion board with comments and other interesting links. If you don't have a fan page, you can add it. This lets your fans feel like they have control over the discussion on their page.

Give your fans tips on interacting with you. You can add a prompt that looks like an address book to let fans chat with you. This is important so they can see exactly what to do when they're talking to you.

I encourage you to try Facebook Messenger Bot out today. The feedback I got from people was overwhelmingly positive. Let me know how it works for you.