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Guide on Building Your Own Wine Cellar in Toronto

Whether you are a wine novice, bluffer, or connoisseur, it is a worthwhile investment, especially if you plan to assemble a much larger fine wine anthology, to build your own wine cellar. You can hire the best wine cellar management company via

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Though perishable, wine is one of the few goods that actually get better as it ages. Over time, the complex interaction between acids, sugars and alcohols will create a beautiful composition of in-depth flavors, aroma and tastes of a mature classic.

When you plan to build your own wine cellar, you must consider first a lot of things such as:

  • Wine Cellar should be well Insulated

Make sure that the ceiling must have a minimum of R-19 insulation all the way around. You must take a much closer attention to the insulation on the top of the cellar. This is because during warm climates, this, the ceiling or roof, is where most of your energy is lost. 

  • Get the Best Cooling Units

To make sure you get to achieve the ideal temperature within the cellar, a wine cellar cooling system must be provided to properly keep the climate of the cellar controlled at a temperature of about 55-58 degrees and humidity of 50-70%. These cooling systems come in various types and sizes but in three basic designs: self-contained, split refrigeration, and split air handling. 

  • Installing Wine Racks

To hold your wine collection, you need wine racks, which are offered in four basic options namely: according to its type, standard and custom; and according to materials of construction, wood and metal.

Nowadays, the most well-known is the "air Lock" recessed ceiling can lights. Make sure to place these on dimmer switches to control brightness. However, in many cases, most make use of track lighting as the main lights within the cellar. Also becoming popular are those display lights which accent different areas of the cellar.