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Here are a few Facts About Asbestos Exposure

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Asbestos is known to have a few unique sets of characteristics making it widely popular in the construction industry in the early days. With studies by experts, they came to the conclusion that this material was known to cause severe health issues. Due to this reason, the popularity of asbestos went down and many countries have now banned the use of asbestos. Learn more by learning a few facts about asbestos exposure.

  1. The majority of asbestos is known to be capable of coming out. However, a small portion gets left behind which can be a problem. The problem is that asbestos tends to settle down on the surface of the lungs causing problems like chest pains, breathing difficulty and more.
  2. A person may die if he or she fails to treat themselves after getting exposed to asbestos.
  3. Based on a study by the US Environmental Protection Agency, an individual is never safe even though a small portion of asbestos is able to enter inside the body.
  4. There is no guarantee even if an individual undergoes treatments related to asbestos exposure.
  5. The USA is one of the countries where around 3000 people are usually treated for problems related to asbestos exposure.
  6. Only when an individual crosses the age of 30 will the symptoms of asbestos be exposed.
  7. People who smoke are highly advised to quit smoking as getting exposed to asbestos will only make the situation worse.

Therefore, it is important to do asbestos testing in Newcastle by a professional.