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How to Lay Polished Terrazzo Floor Finishes

Terrazzo is a cement-based coating with marble granules or rubble. Use in wet areas or areas with heavy traffic. It consists of colored marble shards. It is applied to a floating wooden surface. Colored cement is also used to achieve the desired finish or texture.

The cement-based coating is machine-sanded to obtain a smooth surface. The tape is used to separate the surface of the bay. Parts can be modeled in various shapes and sizes. You can buy the best terrazzo tiles for the flooring of your house at

When laying the terrazzo, the concrete on the floor first prepares to receive it. The concrete is cut and the screed is laid. Once the screen is dry, apply a piece of PVC or aluminum in your desired color. The screen is made of wood, floating to ensure adequate adhesion to debris. 

As soon as the strips attached to the screed have been adjusted, the application of the terrazzo coating begins. Marble sawdust is first mixed without pressure-sensitive adhesive. If black and white chips are used, the mixture is fifty percent back and white, respectively.

The pozzolanic cement is then added to the mix. Then water is added to get a good consistency. It is distributed in the bay with the help of steel shovels. This plane is parallel to the beam.

Terrazzo marble sawdust is steel enough to create a perfectly flat surface. The cement and marble mixture is allowed to harden for seven days. Then the surface formed is smoothed and sanded with a grinding machine with water. The pores, if any, are filled with cement slurry and then ground again. The surface is cleaned with a soft brush with water and allowed to dry.