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Know About Active Mobility Systems

Whether or not you work in the aged care and disability business or you are a carer who is looking after a loved one, the way to lift the patients appropriately applies to you.

If patients are wrongly lifted then not only can they become hurt, but you might also strain your back and injure yourself in the procedure. You can purchase standing sling online via

That is why when you wish to lift patients it is important to keep this advice in mind and assess whether there are any dangers for either you or the individual when lifting them.

Carers are at most risk of harm when they are:

Pulling Someone Who is reclined on the bed into a sitting posture

Moving a person from a bed into a wheelchair

Leaning over an individual for long periods

By using proper lifting procedures carers can reduce the danger for their back and lessen the odds that they hurt themselves.

Some general advice for lifting people comprises:

Know your limits and the burden of the individual and how they are being transported

Communicate with the individual and others that are helping you

Keeping your head and neck in decent alignment with your spine

Keeping the natural curvature of your backbone, do not bend at your waist

Avoid turning your body when you are carrying someone

Constantly keep the person who has been transferred close to your body

To lift someone from a bed takes about 1 – 5 minutes, but the important point to remember is to not lift an individual alone. Have someone to help you to not only protect your spine but also prevent the individual from suffering skin injuries as a result of friction.