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Roasted Coffee Beans and The Art of Blending

The majority of roasted coffee beans currently consumed worldwide are blended coffees, a mixture of two or more types of coffee beans. A smaller percentage of people who drink coffee brew a single coffee or a variety of coffees. Most of the packaged coffees on grocery store shelves are blends.

In all coffee consuming countries, it is common practice to mix different types of roasted coffee beans with different properties to obtain a smooth and balanced cup. This is called blending, a process that requires technical, geographical, and agricultural knowledge. 

The best blenders/roasters, those who use their skills and abilities to create the best coffee in the world, are considered artists by many coffee lovers. You can now look for the best blended coffee via

A Roaster's Guide to Creating Coffee Blends - Perfect Daily Grind

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Developing good mixing skills requires years of mixing experience before a mixer acquires the skills necessary to become proficient. A good blender should know all the properties and properties of all types of coffee grown, especially those they use regularly. 

Since the coffee harvest was different from previous years, he also needed to know how this year's harvest was different from previous years. Blends usually consist of two or more types of coffee mixed together. However, a more common practice is to use several different types of coffee when making the blend.