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Security Storm Doors are Value for Your Money

Security storm doors are very important when you combine safety and protection from storms. There are several types of security storm doors. They can be made of wood, PVC, aluminum, and fiberglass.

Wood: The most expensive type is equipped with elements of beauty and durability. However, it requires maintenance in the form of protection from termites and painting. In order to ensure the security of two-inch-thick wood paneling is preferred. You can find durable windows and doors from various online sources.

Aluminum: A wood core is a favorite choice with manufacturers of high-quality doors. An aluminum layer covering the core. The aluminum layer bonded to form a durable protective coating. The bonding process serves a strong purpose.

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The heavy-duty aluminum doors are best suited to the storm door should also perform the function of providing security. The door must be able to stand against the forces of up to 250 pounds. The storm door security equipment must be able to reject any unwanted entry by outside elements.

PVC / Fiberglass: Security doors are made with this material and have the combined benefits of both wood and aluminum doors. It does not require treatment or painting. Because of these aspects make a good investment, the relatively high price of this door. The doors are tough and dependable.

Typical size for security storm doors is 30, 32, 34 and 36 inches, and they come in their kits. Self-installation of these doors is an option and it takes days to complete. When hanging a security storm door, make sure that the instruction manual provided with the kit.