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SEO – When To Stop It?

Whenever a client of mine achieves top rankings, he invariably asks our SEO Company if they should now stop the SEO campaign. In fact, even many SEO Consultants don't seem to know the answer. There are some companies that provide the best best local seo in dallas visit

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Every SEO forum sees a lot of flurry and action whenever such a question is posted. Can a site have enough SEO and link building? Is there a limit to it? Or is it a never-ending cycle?

To answer the question we have to understand how SEO works. SEO involves continuous campaigns in which the objective is to acquire more high-quality backlinks than your competitors. The search engine results landscape is affected by millions of variables which includes not only the search engine's algorithm but also all other sites. 

In such a scenario, which site will come at the top? The site which has acquired the most and best inbound links. Yes, I know many of you will say that on-page optimization and content also greatly influence a website's SERP. But if we consider everything else to be the same, it's Backlinks that make or break an SEO campaign. 

You may succeed with only on-page SEO with odd sites which are targeting very low count keywords but such success will be hard to replicate for highly competitive keywords. I can hear some of you, saying "Content is King". But let me bust this myth for you. Just content won't get you anywhere.