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Shade Yourself In Any Location With Pop-Up Canopies

The weather is warm, and you've decided to plan a party in your backyard with a few friends. The basic steps, in this case, start with creating a guest list and contacting everyone to see if they can make the gathering, and also planning a food menu. Pop-up canopies are one of the more economical options for shelter. There are some companies like custompopuptents that provide pop tents services.

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More stable than an umbrella and designed with a lightweight frame, pop-up canopies have a one-piece form and fold-out within minutes to form a shelter. The canopy is made from a powder-coated steel frame and a polyester top treated to be UV resistant and waterproof. 

Pop-up canopies are versatile shelters, as they can be taken nearly anywhere. The lightweight design for the frame allows the shelter to be folded up, packed in a carrying bag, and taken to several locations. At home, pop-up canopies are often used as shade. 

They can simply be a shaded area in your backyard or they can become shelter at a party for guests. The stability pop-up canopies have gives them an edge over ordinary umbrellas, and, because of this, they're used often at the beach, flea markets, and outdoor trade shows for protection.

Pop-up canopies are designed in several sizes and shapes. A smaller, square-shaped tent, for example, is ideal for personal use. If you throw parties often, having a few smaller tents on hand might be helpful. If you need to cover a greater area, the tents are created in rectangular shapes that shade more square feet.