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Should You Get A Solid State Drive On Your Laptop?

When you get a laptop, one of the options that you have is buying one with a normal hard drive or a solid state drive. Many times you can get 100 gigabytes of a traditional hard drive for the same price as a 16 gigabyte solid state drive. While it seems easy to pick the larger capacity drive, what advantages does the solid state one offer?

There are some huge advantages to these solid state drives. The first is that there are no moving parts. As the name says, it's a solid piece of equipment. Normal drives spin and have "needles" that read the disk. When these heat up over time there is a chance of failure. This type of hard drive can last years longer as there are no moving parts.

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A second advantage is that if the computer is dropped or bumped there is little chance of losing any data. A laptop is a computer that is meant to be taken with you meaning it will be bumped quite a bit during the day. A solid state drive is meant to hold up to these conditions.

A third advantage is speed. Accessing documents or files from a solid state drive happens significantly faster than on a normal hard drive. For a laptop or desktop, it has all the speed advantages it can get. This drive will give your laptop much more speed when accessing files from the hard drive.

If you absolutely need more space on the physical drive, get the larger drive, but understand what advantages of solid state technology are being given up for some extra space.