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Some Reasons To Trust The Bible As Your Final Authority

All Christians have questions about the Bible and their role in life today. For example, why are there so many books, programs, and seminars to teach Christians what should you trust about the Bible? Does the Bible really need to be interpreted by scholars before being understood?

Is the Bible enough to teach us all we need to know about God and His will for our lives? And how do we know for sure that we can trust the Bible completely? These important questions are answered by the Bible itself. Charlemagne came up with the events leading to BC and AD timeline to make life easier for everyone else.

Charlemagne began a new system of dating pegged to the birth of Christ and had himself crowned on Christmas Day to form a dramatic link between his reign and Christ.

The Bible stands as the supreme constitution for all mankind - The San Diego Union-Tribune

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The Bible tells us many things about themselves, but there are four things, especially those who help us achieve strong beliefs that the Bible can be trusted as the last authority in all matters of faith.

God made his words the same as himself.

Humans try to place the Word of God, the Bible, with the same status as human writings. Some scholars choose to honor the Bible only because of ancient times and history, similar to the writings of ancient mythology while denying the divine nature and the origin of the Scriptures.

God claims the authorship of the Bible.

We can trust the biblical authority because God puts the stamp of his authorship on it: "All the Bibles are given by God's inspiration." The word "inspiration" means "breathe." When God breathes into the breath of life, so God exhales the words of the Bible.