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Are We Exploiting CAD Technology To The Best Of Abilities?

CAD Industry and the definition of "CAD" have changed over some time. CAD earlier was limited to creating digital drawings using AutoCAD Software only from rough sketches or hand-drawn papers. 

CAD has developed so widely that a variety of companies have defined CAD keeping their thoughts about this technology. Now they are providing accurate and affordable 3D modeling and 2d drafting services

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With time, services like Building Information Modeling (4D and 5D), Bill of Quantities, Materials, and Rapid Prototypes and if we talk specifically about the Data Management side of CAD has taken great precedence over simple CAD Services like paper to cad, 2D Drafting, etc. 

It's perplexing, but the purpose is not to perplex or confuse the end-user. It is the changing requirement and the requirement has arisen on account of the increasing need to mechanize the construction process to a great extent. Even though CAD has been around us for a decade or more, we are unable to exploit CAD technology and utilize it to the fullest. 

However, still, it has been observed that a lot of Engineering Companies and Architectural companies are unable to exploit the full potential of this CAD software and technologies. A lot of companies believe in executing projects through traditional methods of Drafting and creating drawings.