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What Are GMO Foods? Learn The Truth

Organic foods have become a popular way of life as more Americans attempt to eat healthy. Genetically modified foods, more commonly known as GMO foods, have also created a stir in the past decade as more and more people begin to learn about the controversial topic.

GMO foods are essentially created by scientists in a lab setting by splicing genes from one organism into the DNA of another. The procedure was developed to create “better” food products for greater commercial success. You can get more information regarding monsanto roundup lawyers via

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The monetary success of these food companies does not come without risk. Agricultural biotechnology has been advancing rapidly, but the U.S. Department of Agriculture admits that it poses just as many questions as promises it offers. Even so, the U.S. does not require these foods to be labelled as such.

As long as this practice continues, the public will continue to unknowingly consume GMOs. You should note that the production of GMOs has been severely restricted or even banned in other countries around the world due to the numerous health risks associated with GMO and GMO foods.

The majority of U.S.-grown corn has been genetically engineered, including corn used in corn oil, corn syrup, and thousands of other corn-based products. Many animals that have been fed livestock feed made from this GMO corn have developed leukaemia and other cancers as well as high blood pressure, allergies and increased blood sugar.