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Choosing a Company for Shipping Cars in Los Angeles

The car shipping industry is growing rapidly as new technology enables better tracking devices and safer traffic. Vehicles can be delivered almost anywhere in the country, and many companies also offer international shipping services.

Safety, price, duration of transport and type of transfer are factors to consider when choosing an expert shipping cars services.

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Vehicles that can be shipped through automotive companies include cars, motorbikes, and trucks. Do a survey and ask for recommendations to determine the most suitable transport method for your type of vehicle shipping methods range from open trucks to closed transportation and from door-to-door services to terminal-to-terminal shipping.

Door-to-door transport can be deceptive and doesn't mean your car is at your door. With many large cities prohibiting large vehicles from entering residential areas, shippers will only approach you as far as law and safety allow. Drivers need a lot of space, so it's best to meet in a large parking lot nearby to avoid narrow roads, bumps and sharp turns.

Insurance is another thing to consider when researching auto shipping companies. Damage and theft insurance should be included in your auto transport company. However, check to see if you are responsible for the deduction.

There is a high probability that your personal insurance will cover your vehicle until it is delivered. So contact your agent for details and make sure you have everything in writing to better protect yourself.

Whatever type of vehicle you ship, remove all personal items from the car before picking them up. Items can be lost or damaged and the insurance does not cover it. Some companies even need a small amount of gas to remains in the car.