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Chicken Feeders and Waterers

While it might be more exciting to focus on constructing a chicken coop structure, making sure your chicken’s needs are met once it is built.

It's important to have a supply of freshwater at all times. I personally like the plastic birdcage feeders are available in pet stores and use it for both feed and water. 

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It must either be placed on cinder blocks or hung from the ceiling of the cage, to avoid clutter and keep food and water from being contaminated with feces. Needless to say, food and water should be placed away from that place.

There is also quite a bit of DIY feeder and waterer designs are available online. Many are built with a plastic 5-gallon bucket and quite smart.

Of course, besides water, provide the right feed is equally important. Although there is some disagreement over what constitutes the optimal chicken diet, I recommend sticking with the basic feed formulated for ages chicken and purpose.

By focusing diet formulated feed your flock around you can be sure that you will provide the right mix of nutrients, in the right proportions. It's very important to keep a supply of freshwater available for your herd at any time. There are feeders and waterers that are widely available to ensure that the herd you will always have access to freshwater and feed supply.