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Know All About Custom Balloons

Are you looking to improve awareness of your shop or company? Are you looking to draw more drive-by visitors who are passing by your place? Are you unable to invest in the traffic? Consider using customized balloons. Custom-designed balloons give you an instant increase in your visibility at a reasonable cost. Many people drive by your establishment every day but never pay attention. 

It might turn out to be an opportunity to take advantage of the Sale of the Century but If people don't know about it, they aren't able to make the most of it. Custom balloons are available in various types. You can also visit to order custom balloons.

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The most sought-after type of balloon made for custom is the custom helium advertisement balloon. The balloon usually measures 7 feet wide and features your company's image or message printed on both side on the balloon. The most effective custom-designed helium advertising balloons are made of polyurethane, which is a material that was designed by NASA for their space program. 

Polyurethane doesn't contain volatile organic compounds that are continuously released as are balloons made from PVC. Don't allow yourself or employees to be in the vicinity of PVC balloons or volatile organic vapors released from PVC. There is a massive debate at the present about whether the use of PVC should be restricted in all industrialized countries. 

The polyurethane used in the production of huge advertisements balloons sold in the USA is water-soluble after their useful lives and will decay in landfills within a brief period of time. They are lighter than PVC balloons, they fly better. Helium retention is much superior over PVC balloons, so you'll use less helium.