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Choose Cloud Storage Backup Solutions In Richmond Hill

Many of today's organizations have geographically remote servers containing business-critical data, each of these remote servers requires application data backup and recovery solutions and the only way this was achievable was to employ a dedicated on-site administrator at each remote site – not anymore.

The professional cloud backup assistance of Richmond Hill provide you with access to dedicated remote backup servers situated in secure off-site locations, ensuring your data is constantly backed up, replicated, and readily available for recovery 24/7 x 365 in the event of any disaster.

Our data centers are manned 24/7 x 365 and all hardware is completely redundant, secured & constantly updated. Immediate site replication means that in the event of the company providing the backup solutions ever experiencing a disaster then your data is still completely secure and readily available due to failover & site replication to other off-site locations.

Remote backup solutions also remove the requirement for a dedicated on-site server administrator, thus reducing staff & hardware costs whilst increasing data integrity, availability, security & recoverability.

Statistics show that the average cost of downtime for a small – medium-sized business due to a disaster stands at around 10,000 per day, also according to a survey carried out by experts, 54% of SMB customer respondents reported that they have switched SMB vendors due to poor & inadequate computer systems – all of these issues can be easily avoided by implementing a remote backup solution with cloud storage service.

With the constant growth of technology comes to the constant growth of skills acquired by malicious individuals or organizations ready to steal critical business data at any time.