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Fashionable Silver Rings Online For Women

With their bright shining aura, silver rings find a high place in the new era of jewelry. Designer silver rings have become the most popular in the jewelery segment all over the world. And somehow it surpassed the popularity of gold jewelry. The rising price of gold has caused many jewelry designers to favor silver jewelry designs. Nowadays, customers also prefer to buy them because they are much more affordable than gold jewelry.

Today, silver jewelry is widely integrated into the fashion industry and with increasing demand, jewelry designers are incorporating modern and trendy designs into traditional jewelry. These techniques increase traction and increase sales and have an impact on your brand identity. 

Nowadays people consider silver rings for their engagement ceremony because of their affordable prices. If you are also looking for trendy and more crafted rings for you then you can also visit

Silver Rings for Women and Men

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Things you need to know:

You should always study the properties of silver before buying jewelry. As it is a very malleable metal, pure silver is too soft to be made into durable jewelry. The best silver for jewelry is considered sterling silver.

Sterling silver consists of 92.5% silver and the remainder is alloyed with 7.5% copper. The rings made of it are often treated by a process called "flashing". During this process, the strip is coated with a thin layer of 99.999% silver to give the ring extra shine. In the case of jewelry that is offered every day, especially rings and earrings, this coating wears off relatively quickly.

The silver ring is also rhodium plated to increase its durability and shine. The rhodium coating will wear out with time and use, but you can replace it. They also go through a process called anti-dark coating, which prevents jewelry from darkening over time.