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What You Should Know About Gas Masks

It is natural that with the threat of biological or chemical terrorism comes a lot of talk about gas masks. Before making the decision to buy and use a gas mask it is important to understand the technology behind the various types of equipment available. It is also important to understand that a gas mask alone will not provide adequate protection from biological or chemical contamination. You can find more about gas masks via online. 

Small-Medium Israeli Gas Mask

Even the use of protective clothing will only provide some protection from airborne contaminants. The only way to fully protected is to use a setting that entirely covers the user and an airtight seal, which means the use of SCBA gear is required.

Unfortunately, this type of gear is very expensive and impractical for civilian use (see discussion below). You do not have to expect to be able to live in the affected area for any period of time without any kind of gear.

A Look at the Different Types of Gas Masks

The most effective type of gas mask known as a half-mask air-purifying respirator. This cover your nose and mouth that allows the user to breathe through a mask filtration system. However, many chemical and biological agents to use currency as an entry point, causing contamination.

A more effective type of mask is known as an air-purifying respiratory full-face. This gas mask provides a clear face mask or clear eye pieces that protect the eyes and nose and mouth. Air purifying respirator problem with this is that they may leak from any suitable poor or slits or holes in the mask.

Solving the problem of leakage is supplied-air respirator. It uses the same type filter attached to a tube with a battery operated fan forces air through it. The advantage is the positive pressure created by the system ensures that any leaks in the mask release purified air rather than letting the contaminated air from the environment to enter.