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Thumb Sucking- A Common Behavior Of Toddlers

Are you concerned about thumb sucking your child?

The answer to this question is a booming "maybe". Although finger sucking can swiftly become a concern for parents of infants, this habit itself is actually not an issue as important as most think.

If thumb sucking your child has reached the point where it has become a problem, this will give you a handful of effective strategies to use stop thumb sucking early for good.

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Why do children suck their thumbs?

Toddlers suck their fingers because it is natural. Remember they have done thumb sucking for several months while in the womb. So it is usual for kids to continue to suck their thumbs or suddenly hit the habit of thumb sucking again as kids with 4-6 age.

Often, thumb sucking is a method of self-soothing that most children stop doing it on their own before they start going to school. Before that, we will let you know that there is no such harm in thumb sucking because irritated children feel relaxed and comfortable with thumb sucking and this can help them sleep at night or wind down for naps.

What research suggests?

Moreover, research suggests children who suck their thumbs catches allergies because exposure to germs on the hands which makes them less sensitive to common allergens such as grass, dust mites, and pet hair.

Around the age of five or six, the permanent teeth of your child will start to replace their baby teeth. This is when thumb sucking can become a problem. The intense pressure and thrust of the tongue causes a deformation of the teeth, which can lead to years of orthodontic treatments that are expensive and painful.