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Advantages of a Standing Desk


We all have heard that sitting job is considered to be bad for the health. Heart disease, diabetes, etc. are some of the examples leading to our health due to long hours of sitting jobs. Furthermore, weight gain, obesity arises for many workers who are constantly sitting and working. And the solution to this problem is a standing desk which is made in order to work while standing along with offer better advantages to our health. Here are a few advantages of having a standing desk.

  1. Weight Gain and Obesity Lowers Down – Since weight gain and obesity is a serious health problem especially while sitting and working. Having a standing desk means that these problems are lowered down in order to improve our health. For instance; you can easily burn more calories while standing and working rather than sitting.
  2. Sugar Levels of the Blood Lowers Down – People suffering from blood sugar problems are already under a lot of health stress especially after having their meals. The situation worsens when an individual immediately sits down to work. Studies have shown that sugar levels of the blood lowers down as soon as an individual stands for a period of 180minutes immediately after their meal. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the sugar levels since standing desk means you need to stand instead of sitting down immediately and getting back to work.
  3. Heart Disease Lowers Down – Sitting and working for longer duration is also known to cause heart disease. Many scientists have also proven that heart disease may not lower down even if you are exercising for an hour a day.

Therefore, try shifting to mid century desk for standing rather than sitting.