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Magnetic Therapy for the Relief of Body Ache

In recent years the way magnets can have some healing powers has not been understood, and to this day there is no final agreement on how the beneficial effects are achieved. However, as a result of research, it is now known that magnetic field therapy is very likely to work by inhibiting the element of pain caused by back injuries.

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In addition, it has been shown that magnetic fields support the body's natural tendency to heal itself by increasing blood circulation. The resulting better oxygen supply promotes healing by reducing swelling and inflammation.

Those who suffer from back problems usually experience muscle cramps or other trauma. Tissue in this condition often has blood vessels that are dilated and do not function properly. 

This is part of the problem with back problems and one of the reasons why ice packs are sometimes recommended immediately after an injury or backache. Cold compresses help improve blood circulation, although ice packs are not recommended as often if the pain persists.

Magnetic field therapy, on the other hand, can be recommended at any time for people suffering from back pain. Magnetic field therapy is also beneficial because it improves blood circulation, not as a substitute for conventional treatment immediately after trauma, but in conjunction with it and also for a longer period of time. The increased blood supply aids the healing process which results in faster healing.