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Are You Looking For a Melasma Treatment?

Nobody likes weird skin problems. The appearance of your skin can determine your self-esteem. Melasma is one of the unwanted skin diseases. Since melasma is a very noticeable dark pigment on the skin, it becomes uncomfortable for the person to have it and everybody wants to get rid of it.

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So who gets melasma?

Both men and women can get melasma. However, about 90% of all melasma cases occur in women. Pregnant women are especially prone to melasma due to the hormonal changes associated with their pregnancy.

Genetics can also be part of the cause of melasma. The court showed that melasma was more common among men and women of Indian descent, some Hispanics, and Europeans.

Excessive sun exposure can also cause melasma. We all know that excessive sun exposure is harmful to the skin. No matter how much we enjoy the sun, it’s not healthy to overdo it. In extreme cases, sun-damaged skin can lead to skin cancer, also known as melanocarcinoma.

Melasma is more pronounced on white skin. Because of this, companies have come up with a number of treatment options to help get rid of melasma. If you are pregnant you should be careful and consult your doctor before treating any condition. 

Underarm Whitening Problems? How to Choose The Best Skin Whitening Cream

It can be really embarrassing to have dark underarm or armpits, right? Especially when you want to wear a sleeveless dress or blouse; sometimes you feel weird when you have to raise your arms.

You can find many underarm skin whitening cream by searching over the internet.

Underarm Whitening Problems? How to Choose The Best Skin Whitening Cream

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An underarm whitening cream that develops the color of the area of your body that can go a long way towards removing your embarrassment. The good news is, it is not difficult to find the best skin lightener if you know what to look for

What exactly are the causes of dark underarms?

It should be mentioned that experts do not agree with the actual causes of the dark armpits, but many are doubtful. Excessive sweating is a possible cause, especially in hot areas.

Nevertheless, it can also be perfect for girls who like to wear skin shirts or blouses. Very tight blouses additionally create constant friction between the fabric and armpits, thus deepening the skin.

Shaving the hair above the underarms can cause dark armpits due to the roughness of the skin. Another possible reason is improper hygiene as it can cause infections that can darken the skin.

What are the possible remedies that can be used to whiten the skin?

As a remedy, you can try some bleaching agents such as retinoic acid, hydroquinone, and lactic acid. Note, however, that the use of some skincare agents such as hydroquinone was associated with serious health issues such as cancer.

It is also possible to try applying sugar instead of shaving or waxing your underarm hair. It is also believed that lemon peel powder can be used as a skin whitener. You wash the powder on your underarm even if you are taking a tub.