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Here are some tips to make computer network cabling more efficient in NYC

Computer network problems can cause serious stress for anyone. In NYC, to avoid network cable problems, follow these simple steps:

  • Two wiring standards are included with the product: T568a & T568b. It is best to not mix the two wiring standards in one network.
  • Patch panels are recommended if you’re installing network cabling at a new location. This will prevent any network problems.
  • You want your cables to produce the best results so make sure you get the right plugs.
  • You should ensure that the cables you use do not exceed two hundred sixty-five feet in length and are free of joints.
  • Avoid placing network cables along with the electrical cabling. Also, avoid suspending network cables from the ceiling.
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  • Network problems can be prevented by making sure that your network cables are not twisted or turned. Avoid using metal pins to secure cables.
  • The four wires that make up a network cable are twisted and come in four different colors: brown, orange, green, and blue. You can avoid any network problems by making sure that no more than a quarter of the cable is untwisted on both ends.
  • A cable is made up of four wires, as mentioned earlier. Although only two wires are usually used, it is important to keep all pairs wired to maintain network requirements.
  • When cabling your network, make sure you use only the highest quality tools. A high-quality crimping tool is necessary for this task. Avoid pliers.
  • To avoid interference, use shielded twist pair or STP network cables in areas with radiofrequency on the higher side.

In NYC, these great tips will ensure that your computer network cabling works flawlessly and you don’t face any problems with your network.

Best Mobile Apps for Tracking Health and Fitness

Healthcare costs are increasing for customers and for businesses providing health insurance for their workers. One solution many businesses have researched to help mitigate health costs is to encourage people to concentrate on preventative maintenance and overall healthier lifestyle options. You can get the best healthcare checkup on at Lasonow.

Mobile programs exist for almost every function, including a rising number of programs developed to help people monitor their personal health and exercise. Some Excellent examples of those programs are available for both iOS Android and users consumers:


Loseit! (iOS): Loseit! Is a free program intended to help users convert calories? Additionally, it offers nutrition information for several popular restaurants, enabling users to make intelligent decisions while dining outside. This specific program also enables users to keep an eye on physical action, to track caloric intake and calories burned while exercising.

Body (iOS): on the opposite end of the purchase price spectrum at $9.99, the iBody program offers lots of the very same functions as the free Loseit! The program, but goes much farther. Space for recording pulse and blood pressure helps users optimize the potency of the workouts. 

Endomondo Sports Tracker (Android): The Sports Tracker assists customers map running routes and monitors distance and average rates. Additionally, it gives audio feedback for every single mile/kilometer traveled and background of consumers' lap times and audio playlists. This program also has components of gamification, enabling users to challenge friends to conquer their time on paths and discuss the outcomes of the workouts on Facebook.