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Children and Counseling: When to Seek Professional Assistance

Parents often don't recognize the signs that their child needs counseling. This is usually because they aren't aware of it until their child's coach, school leader or pastor brings it up. The child is likely to become habituated to the behavior when this happens. 

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Here are some clues to help parents determine if their child's behavior may be a phase or deeper.

These signs include:

1. Changes in the academic performance of your child's school. Are your child's grades dropping? Are they missing school? Is he failing to turn in his homework?

 2. Does your child worry too much?

3. Is your child losing interest in the activities he used to enjoy? Did your child stop reading books or visiting the library if she was an avid reader? Your child stopped hanging out with her closest friends.

4. Are you seeing your child return to an earlier stage in his development? Are they wetting their bed after being potty-trained for many years?

If you answered "yes" to two of these questions and suspect that your child has a mood disorder or behavior problem, you should consult a professional counselor immediately. Please act immediately if your child shows any signs that he/she might be hurt.