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About Best Paracord Lanyards

If you're looking for a parachute cord you have a lot of choices these days. It is available in a stunning array of colors from drab olive. However, the paracord bracelet is easy to wear all day, as it is washable and light-weight.If you would like to learn more about Paracord Lanyards and view the available styles and colors, visit

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If you think the name of this cable has nothing to do with its function, think again. Although now available at various locations on the internet, parachute cord once primarily used as a suspension line for parachutes. To meet the various needs of people, paracord bracelets are available in different sizes, colors, schemes, patterns, designs, and styles. These are highly beneficial and reversible.

It's a great thing parachute straps are now widely available for civilian use, but it comes with a warning. Since found easily, there are now many lower-quality cables. Even if it's labeled parachute cord or cable 550, it is not a guarantee that it is as strong as the original military.

In addition to commercially made parachute cord, you can buy original products military as well. This is clearly labeled as military specification cable 550 and comes in a variety of colors, but the two main colors are green and orange. green clearly labeled as MIL-C5040H Type III – Camo Green.