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How to Become a Police Officer

Have you considered a career in law enforcement? Most people who are interested in this career have a desire to serve the community and have a reliable income. The application process can be long and rigorous training, but if you have a true desire to serve, the road would be feasible. This article will give you more insight on how to become a police officer. You can find more about law enforcement via

As far as the steps to become a police officer, you may require to have a high school diploma and maybe some college education in the field of criminal justice. You will also undergo a criminal records background so you should be fairly clean. You can be rejected for things like drugs or even some traffic violations. If you pass the background check, you will also need to undergo several rounds of testing. You have to pass some psychological, medical and physical strength and agility test basis for consideration. It also can affect whether you are treated at the city or state police academy.

If you want to know how to become a police officer, then I also have to warn you that the competition can be fierce. Most applicants never make it through the initial screening process, but if you make it that far, you might be successful in your training and really became a cop. Academy program can range from 12 weeks to one year to complete and will cover a variety of areas including firearms training, criminal law and cultural awareness.