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Meat Products Are Good Source of Protein

Meat is a protein-rich dietary component and has become a part of the human diet for centuries. Almost every country has a wide demand for it.

Its consumption is good for a healthy body and one can go for any of its varieties. At present times, it can be classified into beef, chicken, duck, lamb, seafood, ham, turkey, and much more. If you love to eat frozen meat breast then you can buy online from various sources.

  • Beef

It has been found that 100 grams of beef offer 136 calories of energy and 5.1g fat. And monounsaturated fat is found in half the fat in beef. Monounsaturated fat is healthy for the human heart and beef provides the same protein value as found in olive oil.

Cattle feed on grass and this makes fat healthier. It contains heart-friendly omega 3 which is beneficial for one's health.

  • Chicken

Chicken is considered as the most intensely farmed products. Per 100 grams of chicken gives 109 calories energy. This calorie is when broken down gives 13% fat as well as 87% protein. Chicken also provides a good quantity of minerals to the body like iron, zinc, and also gives vitamin B12.

  • Goat

Mutton is a rich source of energy. Per 100 grams of raw mutton offers 109-kilo calories and 20-gram protein. Thus, mutton is also healthy for human health.

  • Lamb

Lamb is also healthy and protein-rich like beef and chicken. Per 100 grams of lamb provides156 calories with 8.3 grams fat.

  • Seafood

Seafood is another high-protein rich food and is taken to combat with several heart-related problems. Oily fishes contain a good amount of essential fatty acids and Omega-3 fatty acids. Per 100 gram of catfish offers just 1.1 gram of fat.