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Brake Repair – Use a Specialist

A vehicle brake is a complex system of levers, hydraulic and frictional forces that can quickly stop the momentum and force the car when used correctly. Brake repair that addresses the whole braking system is complicated and requires the experience and expertise of a licensed professional, who can ensure that the brakes have been repaired properly, and ready for the safe operation of the vehicle.

You can click here to find out more about brake repair specialists and their services.  When the vehicle operator presses down on the brake pedal, the master cylinder compresses fluid, sending hydraulic pressure to the brake pads. When the pads come into contact with the rotor, they create enough friction to slow and eventually stop the vehicle.

Most cars have a disc system connected to a wheel or axle, which is connected to the hydraulic system. Disks are usually made of cast iron and work with the rotor and pads to create the friction that will slow down the wheels of the car; The most common brake repair service is a replacement brake pad.

The pads are made from hard organic materials, and come up with a mechanism that will make a squealing noise when they have worn too thin; when the pads make contact with the rotor, it will make a squealing sound that indicates the bearing needs to be replaced. Worn brake pads could be a serious issue, and require rotor replacement if they are used for long, allowing extended contact with metal parts without the buffer of the pads.

The force used to actually stop the car is much greater than the force exerted by simply pressing the foot on the brake pedal. The hydraulic system is part of the brake system: hydraulics creates enough pressure to apply force to the brake disc that will create the friction to actually slow down the car.

A properly operating brake system is a very important factor in the safe operation of the car. Average vehicle weighing more than 3,500 pounds, and the braking system is the only equipment in cars that can quickly and efficiently stop the vehicle in an emergency or when the vehicle needs to stop.