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How to Select the Right Sliding Door Lock for Your Home

Sliding doors are easy to open and close; they allow you to enter your home, as well as leave it by simply sliding the door open. In their basic form, they are made of a series of panels that slide horizontally from one side to the other. They have been around for some time now and their popularity seems to be increasing day by day. Due to this increase in demand for Sliding doors, there is a great selection of locks that can be used for this purpose. These will give you a better understanding on what type of sliding door locks exist on the market and which ones you should choose, if any at all.

Sliding door locks are used to provide security for homes, offices and more recently even cars. These locks provide more than just a simple piece of equipment that keeps the sliding glass door locked. They serve as a security mechanism that can help protect your property from theft and other damage. 

5 Ways to Protect Your Sliding Door Locks

Two-Bolt Sliding Door Locks

You've probably heard of sliding door locks and sliding door bolts. The term “sliding” is synonymous with "security" when it comes to home security. However, I guess the name “sliding door locks” may not mean much to you if you don’t know how these locks work and make things easier for you when it comes to security. The term “sliding door locks” refers to a locking mechanism that is attached to the sides of a Automatic sliding windows & doors or a pair of doors that share a common wall or adjoining walls.

Bolt Sliding door locks are used to secure doors against unauthorized entry. These locks are common in places like offices, shops, schools, and so on. Apart from securing areas against thefts, these locks can be used to maintain privacy.

Mortise And Hook Style Sliding Glass Door Lock

Mortise and hook style sliding glass door lock – This sort of lock is the perfect option for any sliding door that needs to stay permanently in one position or needs to be able to open in both directions simultaneously. Mortise and hook locks are affixed over the track and over the bottom of your sliding door and can therefore prevent tampering and keep them locked.

Mortise and hook style sliding glass door lock – That Can be Used to Increase Security – Mortise and Hook Style Sliding Glass Door Lock. This is one of the most important security measures that can be used to ensure that your sliding patio door is secure and safe for all your family members who use it frequently. Sliding glass door locks offer you a mode of locking the door using a simple yet very effective mechanism.

Offset Thumb Turn Lock

There are a lot of sliding door locks that can be used to increase security, but one of the most popular is an offset Thumb Turn Lock . A thumb turn lock is commonly used in french doors and other glass doors. The glass door design can allow intruders to enter through a broken glass without opening the door’s lock. 

The sliding door locks have been widely used in houses, commercial buildings and even storage rooms for offering high security. Offset Thumb Turn Lock is designed to provide a reliable way to lock the sliding door from both inside and outside of the room.

Add alarm sensor

Security systems may be expensive so you can try some things first before installing a highly tech security system. Aside from a good alarm system, you can also secure your sliding door or window with a sliding door lock. The following are some of the best sliding locks to use as your first attempt of extra security.

Sliding door locks that can be used to improve the security of your home and family are very popular among people looking to get additional locks for their doors. It seems like these days everybody is looking to get a little bit more security and safety for themselves but doesn’t want to go overboard with it since we still need to make sure we aren’t turning our homes into fortresses.

Security Bars

When it comes to sliding doors, one of the biggest concerns is security. These days, there are a number of options that you can choose from to help keep your home and family safe. One popular option that I’m going to be sharing with you today is Security Bars. They’re an awesome way to provide security for your sliding doors and they come in a variety of styles and colors!

Sliding security bars are an excellent way of securing your home, business or office safely while still being able to have full access to the doors that are protected. Sliding security bars slide along the top of the door frame and allow you to leave your doors open without having to worry about anyone being able to open them from the other side due to the bar being in place. Security bars are great for making your home look more secure but can also be strong enough to stop strong forced entry if someone tries to push their way in.