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Flasher Arm programming tool for Arm microcontrollers

The Flasher ARM can be utilized to program the volatile memory of Arm-based microcontrollers as well as Systems-on-a-Chip (SoCs) and external flashes, such as (Q)SPI flashes which are directly connected with the microcontroller.

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It is able to be used either in PC-based or stand-alone mode and connects using USB, Ethernet, or an RS232 interface. Similar to Flasher PRO, it also has an Ethernet connector. Flasher Pro It also has an RS232 connector with 20 pins and works with a standard 20-pin JTAG connector that is defined by Arm. A variety of adapters are available.

It is a multi-platform application. Flasher ARM comes with the software to control and set up available for Linux, macOS, and Windows. Updates to firmware and software are available. Additionally, support for all devices that are currently supported, and the devices that will be added, are included.

Flasher ARM offers an adaptable design and programming interface.

Built on an FPGA that includes a CPU, the processor features several dedicated soft cores that control the interface to be used, as well as an internal processor that runs on the loader for flash.

This allows you to easily adapt to virtually any system for ISP programming. Flash loaders that are dedicated to flash, and are easily downloaded by the developer, make an easy task of programming nearly every device.

This allows the use of debug interface or the dedicated programming interfaces for microcontrollers to program memory on the chip as well as programming of Off-Chip parallel (Q)SPI flashes. (Q)SPI can be programmed directly.