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The Classic Way To Wear A NATO Strap

The NATO strap was created using nylon for the British military in 1973. This is not surprising considering their superior degree of toughness. Because of its sophisticated design, the strap will be snugly secured to the wrist, even if one of the spring bars happens to break.

More than its outstanding functional features, which remain the same in the present, the contemporary NATO strap has changed in design, materials, and even finishes, making it among the finest straps there. You can buy leather NATO band online (In the Norwegian Language “lr nato-rem”).

lr nato-rem

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A Classic Way to Wear a NATO Strap

For this, all you require is a wristwatch with spring bars installed along with the NATO strap and these easy steps:

Move the longer end of the strap downwards through the spring bar on the upper part of the back of your watch. Then, pull it up to the spring bar located on the lower portion of the wristwatch.

Re-attach the long end and slide it into the keeper. Once you have secured it fully, there are two layers beneath the watch.

Secure the strap to your wrist just as you would with any other watch strap. After that, you can slide the strap upwards over the two keepers.

You will then have two options to tie in the rest of the "tail" in the strap: either inwards or outward.