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These Dental Name Badges Are Fun!

A unique name tag or name tag is a "smile maker," as my dentist receptionist said recently. Think of how many people approach the dentist's chair with a light of fear or disgust. What if you could distract them from the upcoming procedure, even for a while, with a weird name tag?

As children, our connection with our teeth was primarily focused on losing teeth and visiting the tooth fairy with the inevitable part under the pillow. Fun concept! So you can get a badge regarding this. To have an idea on custom name badges visit

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If you're a dentist or a hygienist, you probably know what I'm talking about.

What if you could relieve the tension a little by making the patient smile? Is this possible? Think so! This is how it works:

o Wear name tags with smiling teeth or a tooth fairy next to your name!

o Thank you for coming, no matter how much time has passed.

o Ask about his life (how is the new grandchild, etc.)

It may be obvious, but you want to make it "safe" that they will come back and not be embarrassed and unhappy. Adding a little fun to visiting a clinic with a smiling tooth name will make it memorable (and not bad). Give them something to comment on while they're there and make them smile by reminiscing about the weird tooth fairy smiling at them.