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Triggers For Determining The Quality of OPC Cement

Cement used in construction projects comes in a range of varieties. One of them is OPC cement or Ordinary Portland cement. The dry manufacturing process is implemented in a fully automated and controlled technological setting for the manufacture of the best OPC Cement in Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, and elsewhere. You can click over here if you are looking for the best OPC Cement in India.

Quality control at every stage of production is also one of the essential mandates for manufacturing OPC cement. Builders often look for certain properties in good quality OPC cement before using them for their construction works. Listed here are some of these properties. Do watch out.

prism cement

  • Fineness of granules

It is essential that cement with fine quality of grains is selected so that the component can be mixed into a good quality concrete mixture that is viscous in nature. In the case of OPC cement, this factor is extremely stressed upon by the builders. Basically, the finer the grains in OPC cement the more will be its strength.

  • Soundness of mixture

This property refers to the capability of OPC cement and concrete mixture to retain its volume even after setting and getting hardened. Low-quality OPC cement has low soundness due to the presence of excessive lime or magnesia in its composition. But good quality products have appreciably high soundness of volume.

  • Proper consistency

The consistency of the concrete mix determines its binding strength. This consistency is further determined by the proportion of cement and water present in the mix and its texture. Based on these fundamentals, builders consider certain varieties of OPC cement as good if they are neither too liquid nor too thick. Rather, the mixture should be vicious in nature.