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Use Of Appropriate Wound Dressing Is Essential For Speedy Healing

There are numerous types of cures for which we need different types of dressings-and that the selection of the right type of dressing for a specific wound (lacerations, puncture wounds, burn wounds, or a deep gash) ensures successful and rapid recovery. 

Various wound care dressings can be found in the marketplace which varies from the conventional to the complex ones like duoderm and tegaderm. 

wound care

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These advanced wound dressings have been developed to care for the injury and pain that is usually related to the wounds. The underlying thought is to enhance the quality of life of these patients suffering under different unfortunate scenarios. 

It is pertinent to mention that an understanding of the natural process of healing and also the option of an appropriate wound dressing lie in the core of effective wound management.

Type of wound: To pick an appropriate dressing, it is important to be aware of the type of wound you are coping with. Wounds can be classified in four different categories, as below:

I. Necrotic wounds:  the Necrotic wounds are those which contain dead tissues that are black colored.

ii. Sloughed wounds: the Sloughed wounds are those which contain a layer of glutinous/ropy yellowish colored dead tissues.

iii. Granulating wounds are those wounds that are properly curing and comprise red-colored granulation cells. 

iv. Epithelialising wounds: These are just one point before the granulating wounds in curing and are pink in color.