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Useful Features of Wireless Winch

Wireless winch control is a device that is connected to the front or back side of the vehicle and is used to lift or draw heavy vehicles. There is a basic difference between traditional winch and wireless winch. 

Older winch is generally controlled manually. But wireless winch is controlled by an automatic control unit. It is controlled by a cable or wire. 

Wireless winch devices (Also Known as “ อุปกรณ์กว้านไร้สาย “ in the Thai Language) transmit wireless control signals. Generally winch is controlled by a radio frequency system but other communication methods are also applied. 

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Depending on the use the size and function of the radio winch varies. But the process in which the goods are transported is very similar. Even though there may be some variations in several winches.

In a traditional winch system, users must stand next to the system and they must plug the hand controller used to activate the pulley. But the modern system does not need to plug any hand controllers. 

During developments, users can move with vehicles and they can supervise vehicles or products that are being moved. This wireless system is also very safe to use.