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What Is The Role Of Information Technology?

Information Technology (IT) has been influencing society for thousands of years. Smoke signals, abacus, writing, paper, pens, and printing all once considered a front line of IT because technology is the latest and greatest in communication.

As with all development of Information Technology history, digital communications technology is revolutionary in terms of community, business, defense, and culture. There are many companies that provide managed it services for accounting firms.

But what is it about digital communication that sets it apart from all the other technological advances before? What is the role that technology can play in modern society?

First, IT acts as a facilitator. This is a medium that allows a large volume of information to be stored, processed or transferred at lightning speed. This means that there is more information at hand to make a decision, keeping in touch, monitor or follow the movements of the market.

The strength of this idea should not be underestimated, enabling people to make decisions based on the mass up to date. Military, educational institutions, and large businesses have long understood the power of this idea, but it was only in the last ten years that mainstream society has also embraced the power of information for both social movements and small businesses.

Second, Information Technology is the enabler. Only a selected minority of specialized companies in the world can claim that IT is their business.

Most of the companies and institutions are using information technology to enable the functionality that drives their core business. This may include better communication between staff, suppliers or customers, or may include better asset management.