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Youth Behavior Problems – It Is Never Too Late To Fix This

Teenage years is difficult for both teens and parents. Teens want to be independent, often before they are really ready for it. A false idea on the part of parents is that once their children reach adolescence it is too late to make a change or teach them anything.

It's never too late to guide the child/adolescent through a difficult situation. There are many methods for handling troubled teen issues. One way is through effective two-way communication.


Tell your teen "I love you and want to help you work this out” Repeat this over and over. Continue to say it until they actually receive it and understand.

Continue talking and suggest that the two of you just sit and talk together, both of you, and that you will listen however long they need you to listen. Then do it, even if it means missing appointments or late to work or does not get the dinner cooked on time!


Take a look at your rules. Do you set the rules for your teenager? Do you have a lot of rules or no rules at all? Do you let the young adults in your family-run loose with absolutely no rules at all, or if you have excessive amounts of rules?

If you have a long list of rules, take another look at them and decide which rules are very important to you. In other words, pick your battles.

Stand your ground on issues that are very important. Other issues, people who are not important enough, allow your teen some noise in the rule as a whole. Let them be a part of it.