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How Do I Care for my Indoor Plant?


It is always hard for beginners when it comes to taking care of their indoor plants. One of the most basic yet important things required for the growth of indoor plant includes less water and low light. But, there’s more. Consider following these tips when it comes to caring for your indoor plant.

  1. Shoo those Flies – Indoor plants play a huge role in attracting tons of small insects. The container of the plant is what attracts the insects and flies by acting as a breeding layer. Make sure to get rid of them by spraying a little bit of chemical.
  2. Consider Using Trough Planter – Now this item plays a key role in reducing the noise entering from the outside. This is because it can act as a source of the natural screen.
  3. Don’t Do Anything Extra – As mentioned earlier, indoor plants require little water and low lighting conditions for their growth and survival. Make sure you are offering these 2 things at a minimum and nothing extra.
  4. If Going Out, leave it to a Reliable Individual – If you’re going to be away from your house for a few days, then consider giving it to a reliable person. Ensure you tell them the exact things to offer during your absence to the plant.
  5. Keep them with Proper Care – If you’re able to keep your indoor plant clean, then there are many benefits to it. Ensure that you are keeping it clean by offering proper care.

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Why are Green Plants Important?


Planting green plants plays a massive role when it comes to maintaining and functioning of the human environment. Apart from this, green plants also play a key role in allowing us to feel rejuvenated and relaxed, improve the air quality, reduce the noise level coming from outdoor and indoor etc. If you haven’t got a clue about the importance of green plants, here are a few you should know about.

  1. To Generate Oxygen – About 4 people can easily survive when a single green plant produces oxygen. This has been proven by the researchers working at the North Carolina State University. You can wonder now when more numbers of plants are planted.
  2. To Maintain Balance in the Environment – Green plants play a crucial role by acting as the only source of food for a few micro-organisms, animals and insects. For instance; rabbit usually eats grass, fox then eats the rabbit and the fox is eaten by a larger animal. This helps to maintain balance in the environment.
  3. To Function the Process of Photosynthesis – The process of photosynthesis is seen in green plants when light energy gets converted into chemical energy. During this process, the plant inhales carbon dioxide and exhales oxygen required for humans, animals, insects, birds to breathe.
  4. To Offer Protection –When it comes to protection you should consider this example. Large plant protecting small plants to grow. The same small plant then offers protection to birds in order to build their own nest.

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